What is NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

Today, thanks to neuroscience research, we are starting to understand more about the how the brain works. We know that the brain can regulate itself naturally, but there are times when it can't do so and as a result, it is slower and has trouble recovering.

That's where NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback comes into help.

What is NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback and how it operates?

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback (or N.F.D.) is a state-of-the-art neuro-technology that optimizes brain capacity. We have billions of neurons in the brain that produce electrical activity. When sensors are placed on the scalp, this allows us to measure the neuronal activity in the brain. Thanks to this collected activity we will be able to act on the brain.

Neurological biofeedback is also known as neurofeedback or neurobiofeedback. It feeds information about electrical activity inside the brain from sensors attached to the skull to specialist analytical software. This is what the term feedback refers to. Repeating this feedback through a course of regular sessions triggers positive changes.

There is nothing that could be harmful or intrusive to the person.

Its non-invasive nature means no electric currents enter the brain and either does any manipulation occur. The success of the technique stems from informing the brain in real time regarding its functioning. The regularity and frequency of the feedback loop is 256 times per second. The body’s sense of sound and hearing provides the fastest channel for communicating with the brain. During a session, the subject is listening to relaxing music. A little interruption of the music, with a beeping sound communicates with the brain and helps regulate its activity.

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a method of wellness and relaxation, that will stimulate the brain to regulate itself more fluidly.

It is a gentle, non-medical method, that helps us to get out of discomfort.

We all have functions and believe systems that have been set up through our experiences, traumas, shocks (a trauma or a shock does not necessarily mean a serious accident or the loss of a loved one). There are many small traumas that accumulate over a lifetime. This method makes it possible to release patterns that have been created by our experiences by elaborating neuronal pathways that make us less functional, less able to react spontaneously to events, or to take a step back, such as stress or anxiety. When we are well, we have the ability to observe, to analyze and react accordingly.

Often, in what has been reported through testimonies, people say that they rediscovered their ability to take control of their lives and to reposition themselves, to calm down and take a step back from situations. With this method we do not try to go in a particular direction, we try to let the intrinsic natural capacities of each person to stand out and take their place.

  • N.F.D. can be used at any age and on all personality types
  • N.F.D. will regulate the brain in all areas of life - psychic, emotional or even physiological.

Neuro Feedback is like going to the gym for your brain

A quick historical recap

The technique was first developed in the 80s to successfully help Vietnam veterans suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Subsequently, more advances emerged in time.

The first generation of linear devices led to a breakthrough in 2001 by Val and Sue Brown who had previously worked with them. Unlike its precursors, non-linear NeurOptimal® was totally natural and did not impinge on the brain directly. In 1997 the pair set up the Zengar Institute in the US, followed by one in Canada.

The basis for this second generation NeurOptimal® was the work of 1971 Physics Nobel Prize winner Dennis Gabor. It was his work in applied mathematics as well as nonlinear dynamical systems and neural networks based around non-linear analog computers that enabled the developments required.

This method is now practiced in more than 20 countries around the world.

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NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback is the result of amazing and rapid developments and discoveries this century in the combined fields of neuroscience, neurophysiology, applied mathematics and information technology. Our understanding of the brain’s functioning has been completely overhauled and deepened through neuroscience.

The range of methodologies and concepts deployed in neuroscience has grown wider as the scope of approaches to studying the nervous system has steadily increased. These include the study of neurological, neurophysiological and neuroanatomical aspects, as well as evolutionary, genetic, cognitive, developmental, cellular and molecular studies. Brain imagery is just one subset of the wider neuroscience field. Computational power and speed has greatly increased too, providing capability to better analyze and monitor internal brain activity. Modern computers based on a multitude of multi-core processors grant NeurOptimal® software the ability to execute this type of EEG with a frequency of 256 cycles per second. Neurophysiology is the field of study into all levels of the functions of the nervous system, right from the lowest molecular level through to highly integrated neural networks.

Being a multi-disciplinary science, neurophysiology draws particularly on biological sciences such as neuropharmacology, neuroendocrinology and neuroanatomy, and behavioral sciences such as psychiatry, neuropsychology and others.

A serene mind adapts to many changes.
- Chinese Proverb