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A FitBrain 50 Session is a time for relaxation and good feelings

Listening to favorite music while sitting back and comfortable, one simply lets go and relaxes. Feelings of drowsiness and feeling good may even lead to daydreaming. At the same time, the brain is receiving appropriate information to enable it to unconsciously reorganize itself.

What does a FitBrain 50 session look like?

We strive to make NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback sessions as pleasant as possible.

  1. First, we will provide you a comfortable chair to sit in
  2. Then, we'll have a brief conversation about your life, your situation in general, so we can understand what blocks your brain from working optimally
  3. The session takes place without trying to give information to the brain.
  4. We will play a film or some music which will be used as a support for the software
  5. We'll place sensors on you in order to capture the cortical activity of the brain and each time there is a sudden change in this cortical activity there will be a micro sound cut in the film or music.

That's it! The whole experience is enjoyable and absolutely harmless!

First session 120 minutes 350 sh
Next sessions 60 minutes 300sh
Pre-order 10 sessions and get one free!
Sessions can take place at your home or office with a supplement of a fee, depending on your location and the number of persons involved in the appointment.
The number of sessions is determined by you, depending on your need.
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1What is brain plasticity?

Our software uses an algorithm that mimics the functioning of the brain - it will copy the brain so that it can communicate with it. When the brain is given the information to readjust itself, it will automatically return to the best possible function.

To give you an image, it's like standing in front of the mirror

The person looking in the mirror reflects e.g. "that her hair doesn’t look good, so she'll be able to do her hair any way she wants". That's exactly what the system will do, it will give information to the brain and thanks to this micro cut the brain will process the information (feedback) by a readjustment. In fact, it will come back to its optimal pathways, it's done completely unconsciously. Every 256,000 milliseconds the system readjusts and creates micro cuts. Everyone will experience the music or the film according to their own mechanisms.

2Does one need professional training to use the N.F.D?

It is important to mention that the people who designed this system a couple - Val and Sue Brown had the will to create a system that would be suitable for everyone. That is to say that one can be trained fairly quickly and that the essential quality that is required from people is benevolence.

3What is the use of a practitioner?

The term used today by Zengar, the parent company, for representing us is that we're detectives, looking for change. By concentrating on certain points or questions, the practitioner will highlight certain issues to help the person get better and better. People sometimes perceive that this system is like magic, but in fact they are the ones who are magic, we just reveal the potential, then we use the system which is completely automated, that is to say that the expertise is really intrinsic to the neuroptimum system.

For example, I have people who came for one thing and left with results they didn't expect, which transformed them and left them very happy with what they experienced.

The magic side is actually when our brain receives the right information, it will reorient itself and give us benefits without us even being aware of it.

4How does this affect people with disabilities?

It can only be good for them, there's no danger, but... of course, under no circumstances is it a substitute for a doctor, a psychiatrist or a psychologist. It is a self-regulation of the brain, the brain regulates itself in its own behavior in an optimal way.